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MM0UKI – Isle of Rockall, EU-189 | DX-World

[NEWS UPDATE @ 0530z] – Emil DL8JJ spent his first night onboard the SV Taeping with Team Leader Cam Cameron, while Nobby G0VJG is soon on his way to Glasgow airport. A quick look at the weather charts / forecasts suggest the team really has struck gold with a high pressure basically lodged over Rockall for the coming week. Pictures below credit Emil:

[MAY 16] –  Rockall Island DXpedition final update from Emil DL8JJ before the team meet in Glasgow, Scotland to sail to the island hoping to land at the end of May.  Emil gives his presentation on May 16th at 7.30pm BST (1830utc) – watch it here or click the picture. 

PS: Keep an eye on the boat tracker once the SV Taeping leaves port on May 26th. Alternative tracker here

[APRIL 19] – The MM0UKI DXpedition to the Isle of Rockall is soon approaching. In just 1 month from now, several intrepid souls, including radio hams Nobby G0VJG and Emil DL8JJ, will attempt to land and stay on the islet. While the main intention is to break the current world record for time spent on Rockall, and to raise as much as possible for military / navy charities, the focus of this post is more to do with the radio side of the expedition:

Nobby will be the SSB & FT8 op while Emil will run CW & FT8. Bands to be used: 40-10m (2m possibly). Radios: 2 x FT-857D (100w), back-up KX2 (10w), 2 x Spiderbeam poles (10m), generator / solar panels, MFJ-902 tuner + logging software (N1MM+ / WinTest).

Emil DL8JJ (at OJ0Y)

Emil DL8JJ (at OJ0Y)

Nobby at DX Feile 2022

Nobby at DX Feile 2021

This will be only the third activation of Rockall – MS0IRC/P (2005), MM0RAI/P (2011) previously. Still under 11% of all IOTA chasers have Rockall confirmed, so demand will again be huge. 

As the DXpedition gets underway, DX-World will update often on team progress, including pictures and video footage.  On May 26th, Col MM0NDX (of DX-World) and Jonathan MM0OKG will pick up both radio ops from Glasgow International airport where they will then drive to the departure point later that day.

The yacht the team will sail in is called “Taeping” – find out more about her on this page.

Isle of Rockall, EU-189

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